The Cult of NECRODEATH – tribute CD – BTOD1744 – 2017, november.


Various Artists “The Cult of NECRODEATH”                                                             CD – Black Tears Label / Cult of Cthulhu (BTOD1744)

“The Cult of NECRODEATH” is the title of tribute CD dedicated to the Italian legendary blackened thrash metal band NECRODEATH.  The CD is released by Black Tears label / Cult of Cthulhu, with courtesy of the band.

It contains 14 tracks. 13 bands  perform 13 masterpieces  taken from NECRODEATH’s discography,

And NECRODEATH themselves take part with an unreleased bonus track.

The idea of this release has been very well acclaimed in metal area.

Expecially some famous artists have been  immediately very pleasant to create a  personal  homage to  NECRODEATH, such as hystorical members of Bulldozer, AC Wild and Andy Panigada performing a few parts with Death Mechanism. Ex Voivod vocalist Eric Forrest  with his band E-Force are inside the tribute and other old friend Schizo perform a track.

The whole  work,  including bonus track  from  NECRODEATH titled  “The Cult of Shiva” has been mastered and mixed by Pier Gonella at Musicart Studio in Rapallo (Italy).

Cover artwork illustration has been made by Giorgia Gueglio.

Distribution  by Goodfellas  (Italy and export),  Cargo (GAS), Bertus (BeNeLux), Differ Ant (France), Plastic Head (UK & rest of EU), The Alliance (North America).

“The Cult of NECRODEATH” tracklist:

DEATH MECHANISM “At the Mountains of Madness” / MALIGNANCE “Mater Tenebrarum” / DAMNATION GALLERY “At the Roots of Evil” / KILLERS LODGE “The Creature” / E-FORCE “Master of Morphine” / FOG “Red as Blood” / BARCHE A TORSIO “A-e Reixi do Ma” / CADALSO “Thanatoid” / HORNHAMMER “The Flag of the Inverted Cross” /PATH OF SORROW “Smell of Blood” / SEPTEM “Process of Violation” / NECROBREATH “Eucharistical Sacrifice” / SCHIZO “Enter my Subconscious” / NECRODEATH “Cult of Shiva” (bonus track).