Label Info

B.T.O.D. (Black Tears Of Death) born in 1996, with the release of a compilation tape titled “Black Tears Of death – vol. I”. In the following years, seven compilations, in tape and then in CD format were released by this label. It’s good to see now that various bands became quite famous, such as Crimson Midwinter/Century Media, Beseech/Metal Blade, and Callenish Circle. Various demo tapes have been released, like for example Aere Aeternus, project of Ordog from Frostmoon Eclipse, or Skoll, with True Endless vocalist. About releases on CD format, we can see Sacradis, Frostmoon Eclipse, Korozy, Abhor, Throned, Evol, Thy Winter Kingdom, Death Dies, Malignance, Spell Forest, Satanel, Icethrone. Top release for B.T.O.D. has been Evol cd “Dies Irae”: 2000 copies spreaded around the world. 2nd top release has been italian band Thy Winter Kingdom with cd “Opus II – Innerspectrum”. 500 copies sold in one month and a second print of 500 copies sold out.

At the end of 2011 B.T.O.D. has released in co-produciton the comeback of HORRID, old school death metal band, or, better, old school swedish death metal band. Current album is titled “The final massacre” and contains four brand new tracks, plus tracks from sold out mcd “Blasphemic creatures” and 7″ep “Awaiting for the truth”.


2012. Out for B.T.O.D. second album of viking death metal band ICETHRONE titled “See you in Valhall”. For fans of Amon Amarth.

Then, it’s time for debut album for NEGATRON, titled “Tenebre” out on digipak CD.

NEGATRON are Samael Von Martin and Demian de Saba (EVOL; DEATH DIES; SATANEL), Alex KK (Algol), Belita Adair (SATANIC CORPSE).

They play nekro-doom metal, in the vein of Triptykon. A Black Tears/Nekro-tron release.

THY WINTER KINGDOM are back during black summer 2012 with new tracks, part of a split cd with depressive black metal act PERMIXTIO.

The come back of TWK after the well acclaimed full lenght released in 2004, titled “Opus II – Innerspectrum”.

Black to present. For 2013 it’s out, on july 16th, the reprinted version of debut album from CADAVERIA titled “The Shadows’ Madame”. Previously released in 2002 and almost soldout, it’s reprinted by Black Tears, with different layout, completely remastered.

Then around september will be time for debut full lenght from italian band NEITH. debut album will be called “Then I”. Produced by Pier Gonella, with David Krieg on vocals (also vocalist in Hexenfaust), “Then I” will contain nine tracks of technical heavy death metal.