Tenebrae born in Genoa, Italy, in 2005 november, by an idea of former member and guitarist Marco Arizzi.

In the beginning, the first band’s sound was called as “art rock” a mix between images, paintings, photography, acting, and obviously music. So with these ideas, Tenebrae born from the ashes of Why Not, a cover band based in Genoa.

They started to create first concept album, released as “Memorie nascoste”. Then a second album, always a concept, “Il fuoco segreto” was released.

After second album, some line-up changes have created a new identity to the band’s sound. We can see a new beginning for Tenebrae. The complete concept includes lyrics in english language, which deal about a story created by writer Antonella Bruzzone, and a new sound, obscure and apocalyptic. All of the above means a new dawn for the band, where the emotions enclosed in every part of the concept, introduce the listener into a variety of sounds. In fact Tenebrae like to describe this new way as “atmospheric metal”.

New album “My next dawn” includes all these emotions.

Enjoy TENEBRAE official page: www.facebook.com/tenebraeitalia