hastur2016Hastur were born in 1993, with Roberto Lucanato on guitars (now playing in Toolboxterror and Segno del Comando), Erman on bass guitar, Hayzmann on the drums and vocalist Andrea Terrosu, who quit the band right after.
In 1996 Trevor joined the band on vocals (now vocalist for Sadist) and Claudio on the keyboards.
Shortly after, they published an EP entitled “Dance Macabre” by Beyond…Prod, which was recorded at Nadir Studios of Tommy Talamanca, Sadist’s guitarist.
When the EP was released, Trevor quit the band to join Sadist, then for a short time David Krieg (Malignance, also Loculo) has been Hastur’s vocalist, but with this new line-up, unfortunately they didn’t record anything.
In 2000 Hastur came back with four members from Sacradis and recorded a demo, never released.
Soon after that, they split up once again.
Year 2016 sees them coming back again, with a full length album of pure old-school death metal.
cover-hastur-black-river-piccolaThe new line-up is a four piece, finally strong and unite: Napalm as lead-guitarist and vocalist (Eligor ex Sacradis), Grinder on bass guitar (Winternius ex Sacradis, ex Sfregio), Docdeath on lead guitar (Doc ex Sfregio) and, last but not least, Hayzmann on the drums, the only original member from the ’94 line-up.
The final result of this new come-back, is “The Black River” nine tracks full lenght album, recorded, mixed and mastered at Blackwave studio of Fabio Palombi in Genoa (Italy), and out for Black Tears, around 2016, october.
Stay tuned!
Enjoy Hastur official page: www.facebook.com/hastur666