STORY OF JADE “Loony Bin” CD out for Black Tears. 2015, january 30th.


Out new CD for STORY OF JADE, italian heavy horror metal band. Titled “Loony Bin”, it contains eleven tracks. Release date: 2015, january 30th.

From “Loony Bin”, STORY OF JADE have  released their first single/video “Psychosis in a box”. from their new album “Loony Bin”.

Gerre (Tankard) and A.Aiazzi (Litfiba) are featured in the album as guests.

“Loony Bin” is produced by Story Of Jade and Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, Mastercastle).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pier Gonella at Music Art Studio, Rapallo, IT.

NEITH full lenght CD “Then I” available. 2013, september.

neith-thenIFinally it’s out full lenght from italian band NEITH, titled “Then I”.

Recorded at Musicart Studio in Rapallo, Italy, and produced by Pier Gonella (NECRODEATH, MASTERCASTLE, MUSICART PROJECT).

“Then I” includes nine tracks of heavy death metal.

Track list: Seven.Zero.Seven / / I wish to see you die / Soul disfigurement / Stream of consciousness / Neith / Endurance of failure / darkly dreaming fester / Sleeping chambers.


NEITH “Then I” CD (cat. number BTOD1334).

distributed worldwide by Black Tears and Masterpiece Distribution.

CADAVERIA: “The Shadows’ Madame” reissue

CoverShadows2013Black Tears is proud to announce they have reached an agreement with the band CADAVERIA for the reissue of “The Shadows’ Madame” album. Released in 2002, the cult album that marked the beginning of CADAVERIA career, has become extremely rare by now. So it’s time to make it available again to all fans. This new issue, proposed with a brand new layout, is completely remastered and it contains songs such as “Spell” and “Circle of Eternal Becoming” that have become classic hits of the band.

The release of “The Shadows’ Madame” reissue is scheduled for July 16th, 2013 and it will be distributed by Black Tears Mailorder and Masterpiece Distribution.

Here, to refresh fans memory, the full track list:

  1. Spell
  2. Declaration of Spiritual Independence
  3. In Memory of Shadows’ Madame
  4. Circle of Eternal Becoming
  5. The Magic Rebirth
  6. Black Glory
  7. Absolute Vacuum


cadaverialiveBlack Tears è orgogliosa di annunciare di aver raggiunto un accordo con la band CADAVERIA per la ristampa dell’album “The Shadows’ Madame”. L’ormai introvabile album, realizzato nel 2002, sancì l’inizio della carriera della horror metal band italiana, capitanata dalla carismatica cantante Cadaveria. E’ quindi tempo di riproporlo ai fans con una veste grafica differente. Interamente rimasterizzato, contiene brani quali “Spell” e “Circle of Eternal Becoming”, divenuti oramai dei classici della band. L’uscita della ristampa di “The Shadows’ Madame” è prevista per il 16 luglio 2013 e sarà distribuita da Black Tears Mailorder e Masterpiece Distribution.

Di seguito, per rinfrescare la memoria dei fans, la track list completa:

  1. Spell
  2. Declaration of Spiritual Independence
  3. In Memory of Shadows’ Madame
  4. Circle of Eternal Becoming
  5. The Magic Rebirth
  6. Black Glory
  7. Absolute Vacuum

Musicart Project: The Black side of the Moon

musicart1E’ finalmente disponibile, dal 1 dicembre:

MUSICART PROJECT “The black side of the moon” CD.


Il progetto ruota attorno alla scuola di musica MUSICART di Rapallo (Genova), dove i musicisti coinvolti quali Peso alla batteria, Pier Gonella alle chitarre, Giorgia Gueglio alla voce, Steve Vawamas al basso, Andrea Vulpani alle tastiere impartiscono lezioni e corsi.

MUSICART PROJECT esordisce con un tributo rivisto in chiave metal ad una pietra miliare della storia della musica, quel “The dark side of the moon” dei Pink Floyd, ribattezzato per l’occasione “The black side of the moon”.

Tutto questo ha preso vita a ottobre 2011 da un’idea di Peso e Pier Gonella, e direttamente dal loro studio di registrazione arriva il contenuto di questo CD.

Disponibile a EURO 10,00 comprese spese postali. si accetta paypal e postepay.

musicart2MUSICART PROJECT CD is out now! december 1st.

Directly from MUSICART recording studio and music school, from Rapallo, Italy. It involves members of NECRODEATH and MASTERCASTLE, such as Peso on drums, Pier Gonella on guitars, Giorgia Gueglio on vocals, Steve Vawamas on bass, and Andrea Vulpani on keyboards. Members of both bands, are music teachers inside MUSICART.

The project born from an idea of Pier and Peso at the end of 2011. The idea was to re-arrange a tribute to famous album “The dark side of the moon” from Pink Floyd, in a more heavy way.

So after some rehearsing at MUSICART recording studios, during last summer this idea became a full length album, titled “The black side of the moon”.

availabble now through BLACK TEARS. it costs euro 12,00 for europe and world. paypal accepted.

Musicart Project

musicart1MUSICART PROJECT. Featuring members of NECRODEATH and MASTERCASTLE performing the hystorical Pink Floyd’s album “The dark side of the moon” in a heavy way…

so called…


MUSICART Project born in 2011, october, by an idea of Peso (Necrodeath’s drummer)  with Pier Gonella (Necrodeath and Mastercastle guitarist), which have to play a revisited, personal and heavy version of the hystorical Pink Floyd’s album «The dark side of the moon». Both musicians are very closed to this album, so they started to rehearsing and re-arranging some parts of it. First tracks which came out from rehearsal room were «Us and them» and «Time». Then these tracks were performed on vocal parts by Giorgia Gueglio (Mastercastle’s vocalist) and Zanna (ex-Sadist, Raza de Odio’s vocalist). Also Mastercastle and Athlantis bass player Steve Vawamas was involved in this project, and Andrea Vulpani completed the line up on hammond.

musicart2The whole project has been completely arranged and recorded at Musicart music school and studio recordings, in Rapallo, Genova, Italy. Founded by Pier Gonella in 2011.

All musicians involved in MUSICART Project, are music teachers inside the school.

This recording, revisited in a more heavy way is called «The black side of the moon». Enjoy it!


sep12Out for Black Tears, around 2012 september, new split CD with THY WINTER KINGDOM and PERMIXTIO. Regarding these two Italian bands, THY WINTER KINGDOM return with four new tracks, after the well acclaimed “Opus II – Innerspectrum” album from 2004.  These new tracks show a new way for TWK, always in obscure Black metal style, of course… The TWK chapter is called “Gnosis”. PERMIXTIO show their transcendental black metal, with three tracks which compose “Resurrezione”.