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      NEW!!!! NEW!!!!

      CADAVERIA The Shadows’ Madame (new version 2013) Horror Metal 10,00
      MONDOCANE (NECRODEATH & SCHIZO members) Project One (reprinted in digipak CD) Thrash Core 10,00
      NECRODEATH new DVD 2013 Hellive (live in Italy 2012 + video clip + extra footage) 10,00

      MUSICART PROJECT The Black Side Of The Moon Hard Rock Heavy Metal 10,00
      (a heavy version of hystorcial Pink Floyd’s album. members of NECRODEATH and MASTERCASTLE)

      PERMIXTIO Gnosis/Resurrection (split) Black/Depressive Black 10,00

      ABYSMAL DARKENING No light behind Doom 8,00
      AHNENGRAB Omen Black 7,00
      ARCHAIC WINTER Esoteric doors Death Black 5,00
      ASSESSOR Stvanice Death Thrash 7,00
      ASTARIUM Wyrm of melancholy Black 7,00
      ASTRAL SILENCE Astral Silence Black 7,00
      AURA A different view from the same side Prog Metal 7,00
      AUTUMN And we are falling leaves Death Doom 7,00
      AZRATH 11 Ov tentacles and spirals (BEHEMOTH meets NILE!) Death 10,00
      BLACK HATE Los tres mundos Black 8,00
      CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM One of them Brutal Death 8,00
      DEMETRASINEDIE Council from kaos Dark Rock 8,00
      DISHARMONIC Carmini mortis (digipak) Horror Metal 7,00
      DREAMSTEEL You Power Metal 7,00
      ECNEPHIAS Dominium noctis Black 8,00
      EIBON Asleep and threatening (digipak MCD) Doom 5,00
      EMPEROR Tribute In honour of icon E (Troll, Demonical, Helheim, Necrodeath, Horna, Taake…) 10,00
      EN DECLIN Domino/Consequence Gothic Rock 5,00
      ENDLESS PAIN Chronicles of death Death Thrash 8,00
      ENTHRALLMENT Immerse into bloody bliss Brutal Death 7,00
      ESEQUIEM Contempt Black 8,00
      ET MORIEMUR Cupio dissolvi Death Doom 7,00
      EVEN VAST Teach me how to bleed Gothic Metal 8,00
      EVER-FROST Departing of time Melodic Death 10,00
      EVERLASTING DARK Return to darkness Death Doom 7,00
      EVOL Dies Irae (old demo tracks) Atmos Black 7,00
      FEARBRINGER Tempus fugit Epic Black 8,00
      FOLKEARTH Songs of yore (acoustic) Viking Folk 8,00
      FOLKEARTH Fatherland Viking Folk 8,00
      FOLKEARTH Rulers of the sea Viking Folk 8,00
      FOLKODIA In a time of legends Viking Folk 8,00
      FOLKODIA Odes from the past Viking Folk 8,00
      FOREST OF SHADOWS Six waves of woe Doom Death 8,00
      FROZEN LAND Nostalgy (MCD) Black 5,00
      GAKTUNGAR Gisturgh Black 8,00
      GOATCRAFT All for naught Ambient 5,00
      GRACE DISGRACED Enthrallment graced Brutal Death 8,00
      GRIMEGOD Under the sad and silent sky (digipak) Death Doom 7,00
      GRIMNESS Trust in decay Black 8,00
      HADES Exist to resist Thrash 7,00
      HATE PROFILE Opus II: the soul proceeds (digipak) Black 12,00
      HIGHLORD The warning after Heavy Power 8,00
      HORRID The final massacre Death 10,00
      HYPNOS Collection 1999/2003 Death 8,00
      HYPNOS Heretic commando… Rise of the new antikrist Death 8,00
      INFECTION CODE Intimacy Industrial Noise 10,00
      INFERNAL ANGELS Midwinter blood Melodic Black 8,00
      KHEPHRA L’arcano del mondo Black 10,00
      KRASHING Disinterment 1987-1993 7,00
      KURGAALL Summi verbi Lucifer (digipak) Black 10,00
      LAMENTS OF SILENCE Restart your mind Melodic Death 7,00
      LETHARGIA The kingdom of unrealizable hopes Death Doom 7,00
      LLUME Fogeira de suenos Doom Black 7,00
      LOTUS CIRCLE Caves (DIGIPAK) Black 10,00
      LUNARSEA Hundred light years Melodic Death 8,00
      MAJESTIC DOWNFALL The blood dance (digipak A5) Sympho Black 8,00
      MIDGARD Mystic journey through the ages (digipak) Black 8,00
      MINHYRIATH Gondolyn Folk Death 7,00
      MINHYRIATH Grohnd Folk Death 7,00
      MOLOCH Stiller schrei… Black 8,00
      MORTAL FORM Taste the blood Death Thrash 8,00
      MORTIFIER Darkness my eternal bride Black 8,00
      MORTUUS CAELUM Ad libertatem per mortem Black 7,00
      NAGUAL Active side of infinity Atmospheric Doom Death 8,00
      NATRIUM Elegy for the flesh Brutal Death 8,00
      NECRODEATH Into the macabre (DIGIPAK + DVD) Black Thrash 12,00
      NECRODEATH 100% hell Thrash 10,00
      NECRODEATH Draculea Thrash 10,00
      NECRODEATH Phylogenesis Thrash 10,00
      NECRODEATH Od skull Thrash 10,00
      NECRODEATH Idiosyncrasy Thrash 10,00
      NEIGE & NOIRCEUR Natura mortis sonoris Ambient Black Drone Doom 10,00
      NERVE Fracture (DIGIPAK) Death 10,00
      NODE As god kills Death 8,00
      NOMANS LAND Farnord Viking Metal 10,00
      NOMENMORTIS / CRUENT Hail nemesis/Deviant and torture (split) Brutal Grind 8,00
      NOVA ART Follow yourself Prog Metal 7,00
      OAKENSHIELD Legacy Viking Folk Metal 10,00
      ORIENT EXPRESS Illusion Psych Prog Metal 8,00
      PERPETUUM Gradual decay of conscience Death 7,00
      PLATEAU SIGMA White wings of nightmares Doom Death 10,00
      PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT Embalmed madness Brutal Death Gore 8,00
      RAIN PAINT Disillusion of purity Gothic Metal 8,00
      REMEMBRANCE Fall, obsidian night (DIGIPAK) Doom Daeth 10,00
      RESONANCE ROOM Untouchable failure Avant Doom Metal 8,00
      RESONANCE ROOM Unspoken Avant Doom Metal 8,00
      RESURRECTED Fierced (digipak) Death 7,00
      SABBAT (UK) The cautionary tapes (demos + unreleased tracks) Thrash 8,00
      SACRADIS Damnatio memoriae Black 8,00
      SACROSANCTUM Fragments Death Doom 8,00
      SARATAN The cult of vermin Thrash 7,00
      SATANEL Nato dal fuoco Black 8,00
      SEA OF DESPERATION The shards fitness theatre part II Death Doom 8,00
      SEEDS OF SORROW Immortal junkies Death 7,00
      SHIVAN When wishes sicken Atmos Gothic Black 8,00
      SOULPHUREUS Rest in hell Death Black 10,00
      SPECULUM MORTIS Borgia orgia (KHEPHRA members) Black 10,00
      SUPREME PAIN Nemesis enforcer (SINISTER members) Death 10,00
      SVARTNAR Failure of mankind Black 8,00
      TENEBRAE Memorie nascoste (digipak + book) Obscure Rock 10,00
      THE ANCIENT WAR Riding on the hills of death Black 8,00
      THE SUN OF WEAKNESS Trompe l’oeil Death Doom 8,00
      THE VOID Vision of the truth Heavy Doom 8,00
      TORTURE DIVISION With endless wrath we bring upon thee… Death 8,00
      TRAILS OF SORROW Languish in oblivion Funeral Doom 7,00
      TRONUS ABYSS Rotten dark (digipak) Ambient 5,00
      UNBLESSED Burning your faith Death 8,00
      UNDINA Die funfwindstrasse Gothic Doom Death 7,00
      VERATRUM Sentieri dimenticati Death Black 8,00
      VERMIN Plunge into oblivion (+ bonus tracks) Swedish Death 10,00
      VIRTUAL VOID Ride to hell on fucking whores Death 5,00
      VISCERAL DAMAGE Icon of massive murder Brutal Death 8,00
      WELTER IN THY BLOOD Todestrieb (DIGIPAK) Black Doom 10,00
      WINGED From the arcane burning legions Black 7,00
      WILL’O’WISP Kosmo Progressive Death 8,00
      WOLFENHORDS White power for white people fight Black 8,00
      WOLFENHORDS The truth shall set you free Black 8,00
      YOLWOLF Thorns-horns Black 8,00
      YOUR TOMORROW ALONE Ordinary lives Doom Death 8,00


      GHOSTRIDER (pre-NECRODEATH) mayhemic destruction (demo 1984. 4 tracks) 10″EP Black Thrash 10,00


      EVOL Dies irae (old demos, with unreleased tracks) Atmospheric Black 5,00
      HORRID Unreleased promo ’93 Swedish Death 5,00
      SLAUGHTER Nocturnal carnage Thrash 5,00



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      6 – 12 Oceania € 30,00 € 34,00

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