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  • ATHLANTIS “Chapter IV” CD

    Artist: Athlantis Album: Chapter IV Genre: Heavy Metal Track list: The Terror Begins Master of my Fate Ronin Our Life The Endless Road Crock of Moud Face your Destiny Just Fantasy Reset The Final Scream

    Order ATHLANTIS "Chapter IV" CD CD @ €10.00
  • GABRIELS “Fist of the Seven Stars Act. I (Fist of Steel)” CD

    Artist: Gabriels Album: Fist of the Seven Stars Act. I (Fist of Steel) Genre: progressive heavy rock Track list: Fist of steel She’s mine Mistake Seven Stars A new beginning Brake me My advance To love, ever invain Sacrifice Black gate Revenge invain Decide your destiny

    Order Gabriels Fist of the Seven Stars CD @ €10.00
  • MASTERCASTLE Enfer (de la Biblioteque Nationale) digipak CD

    Artist: Mastercastle Album: Enfer (de la Biblioteque Nationale) Genre: Heavy Power Metal Track list: The castle Let me out Naked Pirates Enfer Straight to the bone Throne of time Behind the veil Venice Coming bach Cat-house (bonus track) Alone (bonus track)

    Order Mastercastle Enfer CD @ €10.00
  • MUSICART PROJECT The Black Side of the Moon

    Artist: Musicart Project (Necrodeath / Mastercastle) Album: The Black Side of the Moon Genre: Heavy Metal Track list: Speak To Me Breathe On The Run Time The Great Gig In The Sky Money Us And Them Any Colour You Like Brain Damage Eclipse

    Order MUSICART PROJECT The Black Side of the Moon CD @ €10.00
  • NO MAN EYES “Cosmogony” CD

    Artist: No Man Eyes Album: Cosmogony Genre: Heavy Metal Track list: Lord Dreamsland Huracan Bound To Doom Spiders Blossoms Of Creation All The Fears How Come The Death You Need Cosmogony Children Of War

    Order No Man Eyes "Cosmogony" CD @ €10.00
  • ODYSSEA “Storm” digipack CD 2015 (P. Gonella, R. Tiranti + guests)

    Artist: Odyssea Album: Storm Genre: Heavy Track list: No compromise Anger danger Understand Ice Freedom Galaxy Storm Ride Tears of the rain Apocalypse pt. II Fly Compromise

    Order ODYSSEA featuring Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, Mastercastle..) and Roberto Tiranti (Wonderworld, ex-Labyrinth...) CD @ €10.00
  • RUXT “Behind the Masquerade” CD

    Artist: Ruxt Album: Behind The Masquerade Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Track list: Intro Scare my demons Soul keeper Spirit road Forever be Where eagles fly Lead your destiny A new tomorrow Daisy Life Between the lies Forgive me Madness of man Soldier of fortune

    Order RUXT CD CD @ €10.00
  • TENEBRAE “My Next Dawn” CD

    Artist: Tenebrae Album: My next dawn Genre: doom death metal Track list: Dreamt apocalypse Black drape Careless Grey The fallen ones The greatest failure Behind Lilian (changing shades) My next dawn As the waves (always recede)

    Order TENEBRAE - CD CD @ €10.00

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