Order WILL'O'WISP Kosmo CD @ €10.00

Artist: Will’o’wisp

Album: Kosmo

Genre: Technical Death

Track list:

  1. Mrtyu (Instrumental)
  2. Five Colours
  3. Six Forms Of Existence
  4. Persecutions
  5. Choose My Matrix
  6. Going Back ( My Samsara) Part 1 (Mauna) Part 2 ( Garuda)
  7. Kosmo
  8. Om Mani Pad Me Hum
  9. A Place Of Rebirth
  10. Bardo Thodol ( Instrumental, Keyboard solo: Oinos)
  11. The Thoroughghness Of Thought
  12. Sumatra-Buddhi ( Instrumentale, Lead Voice : Maethelyiah)

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