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  • HASTUR “The Black River” CD new 2016

    Artist: Divahar Album: Divarise Genre: Black Track list: Black River Consumer of souls Infamous Possessed The clock of evil Hate christians Brain buried Prisoners of chirst Purgatory

    Order HASTUR "The Black River" CD new 2016 CD @ €10.00
  • HORRID The Final Massacre

    Artist: Horrid Album: The Final Massacre Genre: Old School Death Track list: Intro / Land of No Return Denied Life Church of Agony Horrid 666 Misunderstood God The Prophecy Is God Worthy of You Blasphemic Creature Winds of Procreation Kissing the Rotting Cross

    Order HORRID The Final Massacre CD @ €10.00
  • LAST RITES “Unholy puppets” CD

    Artist: Last Rites Album: Unholy puppets Genre: Death Track list: Children of war Humanburger Crashtest Waterwall The walking dead Infected mind Realm of illusion Forgotten Soul reaper God’s slave

    Order Last Rites CD @ €10.00
  • NEITH “Then I” CD

    Artist: Neith Album: Then I Genre: Death Track list: 1) Seven.Zero.Seven; 2) E.DK.; 3) I Wish To See You Die; 4) Soul Disfigurement; 5) Stream Of Consciousness; 6) Neith; 7) Endurance Of Failure; 8) Darkly Dreaming Fester; 9) Sleeping Chambers.

    Order Then I CD @ €10.00
  • WILL’O’WISP Kosmo

    Artist: Will’o’wisp Album: Kosmo Genre: Technical Death Track list: Mrtyu (Instrumental) Five Colours Six Forms Of Existence Persecutions Choose My Matrix Going Back ( My Samsara) Part 1 (Mauna) Part 2 ( Garuda) Kosmo Om Mani Pad Me Hum A Place Of Rebirth Bardo Thodol ( Instrumental, Keyboard solo: Oinos) The Thoroughghness Of Thought Sumatra-Buddhi … Continue reading WILL’O’WISP Kosmo

    Order WILL'O'WISP Kosmo CD @ €10.00

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