The Cult Of NECRODEATH – tribute CD

Artist: Various Artists (tribute to NECRODEATH)

Album: The Cult of NECRODEATH

Genre: blackened thrash metal

Track list:

  1. Death Mechanism “At the mountains of madness”
  2. Malignance “Mater Tenebrarum”
  3. Damnation Gallery “At the roots of evil”
  4. Killers Lodge “The creature”
  5. E-Force “Master of morphine”
  6. Fog “Red as blood”
  7. Barche A Torsio “A-e reixi do ma”
  8. Cadalso “Thanatoid”
  9. Hornhammer “The flag of the inverted cross”
  10. path Of Sorrow “Smell of blood”
  11. Septem “Process of violation”
  12. Necrobreath “Eucharistical sacrifice”
  13. Schizo “Enter my subconscious”
  14. NECRODEATH “The Cult of Shiva”
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